Appendix VIII


Court Records of Schuylkill County Regarding Hopkin Thomas


As part of the effort to gather information on Hopkin ThomasŐ activities in Tamaqua, Pa in the 1846 – 1853 time period, the Court Records of Schuylkill County, located in Pottsville, Pa. were searched. This activity was conducted by Thomas E. Weaver, Jr, Esq. whose experience and expertise in conducting such searches is much appreciated.


The records are recorded in script. This appendix includes images of the record pages and transcriptions. Efforts by Tom Weaver and Ruth McVey in resolving the cursive writing are appreciated.  Where the cursive writing is unintelligible, the word unknown  has been inserted in the transcripts.


Record No. 1, dated 12/4/1844. This record relates to a deed from the Sheriff of Schuylkill County conveying what appear to be two large (approx. 400 acres each) contiguous tracts in Rush Township owned by The Morris Canal and Banking Company to James M. Porter, Solon Chapin, Aaron H. Vancleve, Hopkin Thomas, Jacob Thomas, and William R. McKean.


Record No. 2, dated 1/3/1845. This record is an agreement setting forth the ownership interests of the acquirers of the tracts identified in Record No. 1


Record No. 3, dated 9/3/1847. These are the deed entries conveying five lots on Rail Road St. in Tamaqua to Hopkin Thomas.


Record No. 4, dated 1/31/1848. This is a deed from Hopkin Thomas conveying lots purchased by Hopkin Thomas in September 1847  to the firm of Thomas & Ollis (Machinists and Iron Founders).


Record No. 5, dated 1/31/1848.  This is a deed from John Ollis conveying three lots on Rail Road St. in Tamaqua to John Ollis and Hopkin Thomas, doing business as Thomas & Ollis.



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