Catasauqua Industries and Residences



A listing of the industries that grew in the Catasauqua area during the 19th century is given here.



The prosperous owners of these industries built magnificent homes in Catasauqua – a catalogue is given here.



Profiles of the Town of Catasauqua throughout the years are given here.



Directories giving the names of the people living in Catasauqua including their addresses, occupations, wives and children are given here. Thanks to Debra Mellish and her colleagues at HCPA for making these directories available.



During the years following the development of the Crane Iron works in the 1840s  - through the early years of the 1900s -  Catasauqua was home to many prosperous business men. Indeed, it became known as The Million Dollar Town. To celebrate the success and prosperity that the town had brought to its people, a celebration was planned and held during the period from June 28, 1914 through the Fourth of July of that year.  A history of that celebration was written by Dale C. Wint and is available here.


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