Beaver Meadow Rail Road Co. Corporate Reports




The Annual Reports and other Corporate Reports of the Beaver Meadow Rail Road and Coal Co. for the years 1837 through 1848 were reviewed for the purpose of gaining insight into the role Hopkin Thomas played in the operation of this pioneer steam–powered railroad. These reports, for the most part, can be found at the Pennsylvania State Archives in Harrisburg, Pa.. Some are found in the form of printed pamphlets – others have to be derived from the cursive writing of the Corporate Secretary as entered into the Minute Books.


These reports are reproduced here to the best of my ability. The accuracy is not guaranteed. Clearly, when dealing with illegible cursive writing, guess-work is involved in the transcription.  If something does not make sense to you, take a magnifying glass to the State Archives. If you identify needed corrections, I would be pleased to be notified.


The printed annual reports are found in the Penn Central Collection - MG-286.. The material is referenced in the index to the Subsidiaries of the Penn Central (although the LVRR was never such an entity) The collection is entitled Printed Agreements, Charters, Leases, etc., 1831- 1935. There are 3 cartons. Carton 1, Folder 8 contains Charters, By-Laws, Supplements of Beaver Meadow RR and Coal Co. The archive location (in 2004) is given as 9/3513.


The source of the 1832 Annual Report, which deals with the origin of the BMRR, is HazardŐs Register of Pennsylvania.


                                                                                                            John McVey



1832 Annual Report

1837 Annual Report

1838 Annual Report

1839 Annual Report

1839 Special Report

1840 Annual Report

1841 Annual Report

1842 Annual Report

1843 Annual Report

1844 Annual Report

1845 Annual Report

1846 Annual Report

1847 Annual Report

1848 Annual Report

1849 Engineers Report



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